5G Business Impact Challenge


COVID-19 rapidly altered small business operations across the country. As retail stores slowly reopen with an emphasis on outdoor spaces and curbside pick-up, Verizon is helping small businesses get back on their feet with the 5G Business Impact Challenge.

We’re putting 5G in the hands of a select group of small businesses in the heart of the Hoboken community. By providing these businesses with 5G connectivity, devices, and mentorship, Verizon is actively supporting our communities through these difficult times. This next-gen technology will not only help build stronger businesses, they will ultimately support the people who allow these communities to thrive.

Flower & Garden

We digitized the inventory and transformed their shopping into an augmented reality experience.

Virtual Shop

Joey No Nuts

Using an Inseego hotspot their outdoor seated customers are now provided with fast 5G Ultrawide Band guest WiFi.

Corporate Realty

Access to BlueJeans now allows this real estate group to provide their clients with virtual tours from a safe distance.

Virtual Tour

Hoboken Public

Using the 5G Labs’ Virtual Museum to showcase how immersive storytelling can expand child education.

Virtual Learning

Elysian Cafe

Providing a reliable 5G Ultrawide Band connection to power a new point-of-sale system.

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Discover all the technology solutions, expertise, and support that Verizon can offer your small business.

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Local Businesses

5G connectivity accelerating all types of businesses to get main street up and running.


Thank you to our friends at TechUnited for empowering the Hoboken business community. Discover how they are building a better future for all.

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